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Re: What's Cookin'?

To: Ed McCarroll <>
Subject: Re: What's Cookin'?
From: TJ Noto <>
Date: Mon, 01 Jul 1996 11:53:41 -0700
Ed McCarroll wrote:
>         Have been noticing that as the summer temperatures rise into the
>         low nineties the 1960 MGA no longer stays at about 190 deg.F
>         and got as high as 212-220  F during sustained speeds of 60-
>         70mph.   The car has had a new Moss radiator installed last Fall

Hi Ed,

Just wanted to 65 MGB does the EXACT same thing....the water temp
needle actually starts to move in to the oil pressure sector of the gauge!

I too have a new waterpump, rebuilt radiator, timing is correct, and everything
else to spec.  I even run water wetter in the car to try to drop the 

This on a car that normally stays right on 190 degrees during "normal" ambient

My hypothesis is that the gauge is reading inaccurately.  While I had the 
"capillary" style gauge rebuilt by a credible shop a few years ago, I suspect 
they are either very sensitive to ambient temperature, or they become 
inaccurate at
the upper end of their spectrum.

I have a very hard time believing that the engine is THAT would seem 
impossible for it to run at 230 degrees and not "feel" hot, not dump coolant,
and not ping....

Just speculating....


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