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Re: What's Cookin'?

Subject: Re: What's Cookin'?
From: Graham McCann <>
Date: Tue, 02 Jul 1996 10:53:40 +1000
>Hi Ed,
>Just wanted to 65 MGB does the EXACT same thing....the water temp
>needle actually starts to move in to the oil pressure sector of the gauge!
>I too have a new waterpump, rebuilt radiator, timing is correct, and everything
>else to spec.  I even run water wetter in the car to try to drop the
>This on a car that normally stays right on 190 degrees during "normal" ambient
>My hypothesis is that the gauge is reading inaccurately.  While I had the 
>"capillary" style gauge rebuilt by a credible shop a few years ago, I
suspect that
>they are either very sensitive to ambient temperature, or they become
inaccurate at
>the upper end of their spectrum.
>I have a very hard time believing that the engine is THAT would seem 
>impossible for it to run at 230 degrees and not "feel" hot, not dump coolant,
>and not ping....
>Just speculating....
Take the bulb end out of the block and put it into some boiling water and
see what it reads.  Easy to check?  There is no way I would be operating an
engine at those readings without bewing sure the gauge was crook.

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