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Re: Brake fluid

Subject: Re: Brake fluid
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Tue, 2 Jul 96 16:04:22 PDT
Paul Kile suggested:

> If you believe that modern DOT 3 fluid does not harm British brake 
> seals,  try an experiment like I did about 10 years ago.  (I don't 
> think they've changed DOT 3 fluid in 10 years).  Buy a Lockheed
> clutch master cylinder rebuild kit (or any inexpensive original 
> Lockheed brake kit) and plunge the seals into a container of standard 
> American DOT 3 fluid (Wagners, Prestone, etc.) Close the jar and let
> them sit for several weeks.  You will find something that looks like the 
> Incredible Melting Man.

Another interesting experiment is to leave a rubber seal in a container of 
ATF.  It'll swell a variable amount depending on how long you leave it in.  
I was told that this is a last-ditch emergency repair for when you're out 
in the middle of nowhere and a brake seal or main engine seal goes bad.  
Just leave the seal in ATF long enough to swell and then re-install it 
and it will hold for a while.  This falls in the same category as the 
pantyhose trick and the pork rind trick.  Why do people tell me this stuff?
Do I look like someone who will be stranded?  Is it the car?  Why am I 
asking you guys?

Denise Thorpe

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