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Re: Brake fluid

To: "SLUPECKI A." <>,
Subject: Re: Brake fluid
Date: Mon, 1 Jul 1996 19:26:46 -0400

On 28 Jun 1996, "SLUPECKI A." <> wrote:
>All this talk about Dot-3 and Dot-4 has got me curious.  The master cylinder
>cover on my 78B tells me to use Dot-3.  Everyone says to use Dot-4.  I have no
>idea what is in there --- what should I top it off with.
>Andy, I use Castrol Dot 4 usually, but have topped up in a pinch with Dot 3 
with no ill effects. I not sure but I believe the old Dot 2 was harmful to 
rubber parts on British cars. This problem did not carry over to the modern Dot 
Mike Leckstein

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