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opt temperature

Subject: opt temperature
Date: Mon, 8 Jul 96 14:29:19 EDT
Hi. I was wondering what the ideal operating temp is for my '77 Midget,
The C-N-H guage isn't very helpful. What temp does it "redline" at?
Can anybody help me? Also, is it typical for the car to heat up more after
turning it off? Kinda makes sense that it would. Lastly, this car has sat for
a couple years, and now after running it, it smokes somewhat. Light smoke, can't
find an exact origin. Think this is just accumulation on the engine of oil
burning up, or should I look for a serious problem. Car ran at ~160F after 
5 miles. Oh yeah...I almost forgot. Upon further review, it appears that this
car has a single SU carb, instead of a single ZS. I'm almost positive of both
of these statements. It is the larger SU. Has anyone heard of this before?
Might it cause a performance problem? I find the car has very poor (even for
a midget) acceleration in 4th gear. Flooring the pedal produces no more revs. 
The car is a little out of time, but anybody have any suggestions? Much thanks
to everyone who replied to my last round of questions, and maybe I'll see you 
at Cars of the Crown (Smithville, NJ) this Sunday... Mine is the two-tone midget

 '77 Midget 

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