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Re: DREADED SMOG NOTICE little lbc content

To: (Denise Thorpe),
Subject: Re: DREADED SMOG NOTICE little lbc content
Date: Mon, 8 Jul 1996 17:26:38 -0400
Denise, in the 1930's California set up border patrols to keep the other state 
migrants out. It now seems they found a better way. Nothing bothers me more 
taking a good concept,(clean up auto emissions) and using that for the 
institution of a police state. The very idea of turning the thing into a tax by 
ticking a burned out light bulb, or subjecting vehicles to seizure scares me. 
This isn't a liberal vs conservative issue, This is government out of control. 

Now our state ( New Jersey ) is so far advanced that we are selling the state 
make money. First we sold the name of the state owned arena to an airline. No 
big deal , it was named after the former governor who created the complex. Now 
we just sold the Garden State (no snickers, it is our state nickname) Arts 
Center name  to a bank so it can be called this bank's name. The State still 
owns the arts center. 

I propose that we sell the state name New Jersey to AT&T or to Pepsi or to 
Microsoft. Think of  the advantages. more funny Jersey jokes
     2. All our license plates, Highway signs etc. will have the Pepsi Logo
     3 The cost of the right to have a state named after a company should       
 generate billions a year to offset our state income tax that the        
governor hates so much.

This may seem preposterous, but these politicians are desperate to raise 
and not be blamed for deficits and tax increases. so they sell the states 
and pride, or inact hidden taxes on our use of cars or for being human. 

Denise where are you going to hide, Vermont? I must have had a bad day.

Mike Leckstein in the state of ( Your Company's Name could be here)

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