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Re: floor replacement

Subject: Re: floor replacement
From: (Ken Boetzer)
Date: Tue, 9 Jul 1996 14:54:16 -0700
> > I'd like to replace the floors in my B if possible and would like to learn
> > to weld, which leads me to 2 questions:
> > 
> > What kind of inexpensive welding setup will work well for this?
> > Which book is best recommended for the specific repair and replacement of MG
> > bodywork?
> I use a lincoln PAK 100 flux welder paid $179.00, works great on sheet 
> can be converted to MIG for $90.00   I use this weld for everthing on my 
> As far as a book to show you how to do this I haven't found a good one yet..
> just go for it........Todd...


A word of caution. Well, two words,...Heat distortion! Be sure to rig up 
jigs before you start cutting and welding. I put a roll bar into a CA no rusto 
model 'B and even though the welding was VERY local to the roll bar roots there 
enough distortion that we had to use hydraulics to get the doors to shut 
afterwards. The distortion was not much but it doesn't take much to cause the 
to shut "funny". Ha Ha! Before you start weld in a brace from front to back at 
top of the door openings and put an "X" brace across the body between the door 
openings. BTW I was using TIG during the above mentioned process so there was a 
less heat than if it had been, say, oxy/acet welded.

Good luck,

Ken Boetzer

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