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Re: front end clunk

Subject: Re: front end clunk
Date: Fri, 16 Aug 1996 12:08:28 -0400
Well,  net wisdom on this one seems to be 'wheel splines'.  Thanks to all of
you with suggestions ... a lot of them are things I -just- replaced, so I'm
very confident about them.  I will have to look into the bushings on the
bolts holding on the front cross-member; I don't recall these atall, but that
could be because I was more concerned with getting the bolts in than anything
else, and the new frame weld in that area.

It occurred to me that I've replaced the hubs on all four wheels, and the two
rear wire wheels are new, but the front two are 15+ years old.  That could
very well be the problem, and I'll check it out directly or swap the fronts
and rears.

Thanks again!

75 MGB 'Rags'

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