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Re: front end clunk

Subject: Re: front end clunk
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Sat, 17 Aug 96 17:49:28 PDT
Corey responded:

> Well,  net wisdom on this one seems to be 'wheel splines'.  Thanks to all of
> you with suggestions ... a lot of them are things I -just- replaced, so I'm
> very confident about them.  I will have to look into the bushings on the
> bolts holding on the front cross-member; I don't recall these atall, but that
> could be because I was more concerned with getting the bolts in than anything
> else, and the new frame weld in that area.

I'm always a week late and a dollar short, but there are other things 
that come loose and clunk on the front of B.  Along with the bolts that 
hold on the front suspension, are the shock bolts and the steering rack 
bolts.  I've had all of these come loose at some point over 17 years of 
B-ing. Anything that's been sliding will leave tell-tale scraped clean 

BTW, those giant bolts that hold the front crossmember on are the ones 
that have the right thread to screw into the tapped hole in the end main 
caps of a B engine.  The big square washer is perfect for hammering on 
on the underside to get the end main caps off.

Denise Thorpe

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