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Re: 59 MGA

Subject: Re: 59 MGA
From: (David F. Darby)
Date: Tue, 27 Aug 1996 21:01:20 PST
Hello Don:

Congratulations on finding the A. 

According to your ID plate, your car was built near the end of the 1500
run, probably in January or February of 1959. It was originally Old
English White in color, a fact you can confirm by crawling up under the
instrument panel and checking the underneath of the cowling.

The engine is more than likely from a 1969 MGB. The 18GH series was used
from late '68 to mid '70.

Treat it to an oil change, lube and general tune-up. You'd be surprised
what that can do for one. Good luck with your efforts.

Thanks to Clausager and the usual references for ID numbers and dates.


David F. Darby
Interior Highlands, Missouri

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