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LBC-ing to NJ

Subject: LBC-ing to NJ
From: (Will Zehring)
Date: Tue, 3 Sep 1996 14:34:33 -0400
Fellow fiends:

The hour draws near!  In two weeks Old Whitesides and I will motor our way 
across Ohio and Pennsylvania in phase one of "the relocation."  I'm planning 
on taking the Ohio Turnpike and I-80, with a stop-over in DuBois, PA.  No, 
this trek is not one of those 'blue highways' trips--appologies to the 
dharma bums on the list.  

Be all this as it may, the reason I'm bothering you with this is I'm 
wondering if anyone along the way would care to expose him/herself to my 
annoying intrusion in the admittedly unlikely event of a breakdown  (What... 
_MY_ car?).  I know the list now-and-again discusses the idea of developing 
a "call if you need help" volunteer list, but I don't know that such a list 
actually exists (and I don't frankly know how useful it would be at three in 
the afternoon on a workday).  Anyway, if you live along this route and might 
be able to lend a hand in an emergency, I'd thank you and my mother would 
thank you.  Anyone in DuBois wanna meet at the motel lounge?  THAT sounds 
like fun!  Post to me directly.

Will Zehring

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