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driveshaft confusion

Subject: driveshaft confusion
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Tue, 3 Sep 96 10:57:07 PDT
Fellow wrenchers:

Yesterday, I labored on Labor day.  I put a rebuilt shortblock and early OD 
tranny into a late '67 B.  This B was made so late in '67 that it has a late 
rearend in it but had a non-OD, early, three-synchro tranny in it when I got 
it.  When I went to install the driveshaft that came out of the car, I 
discovered that it was too short.

To make the situation more complicated, I tried to install this same drive-
shaft in my daily driver '67 (maybe '66) with the early rearend and a late, 
four-synchro, non-OD tranny and it was too long.

I would have measured the driveshaft to find out what I have and therefore 
what I need, but I'm not sure where or how to measure something with a 
sliding joint that makes it change length.  So, the question is, is there 
a correct driveshaft for a car with an early OD tranny and a late rearend, 
and if so, how will I know one when I see it?

While I've got all of you on the line, I have another question.  When I 
stole the engine out of the ex-boyfriend's '69 BGT (actually, I gave him 
$200 for it) I made a mental note that the bracket that holds the overflow 
pipes from the float bowls mounted under the bottom bolt that holds the 
motor mount bracket to the block.  The overflow pipe bracket even has a 
lip at the same angle as that part of the motor mount bracket.  However, 
looking at my daily driver '67 B (if a picture's worth a thousand words, 
having a mostly identical car around is worth a million) the bracket is 
mounted to the far outside of the motor mount where it attaches to the motor 
mount flange that's part of the car.  This position is about eight inches 
out from where it would be if mounted between the block and bracket.  Did 
the position of the overflow pipe bracket change between '67 and '69?  Was 
my mental note as illegible as my written notes?  Where does that bracket 

Thanks in advance for any and all enlightenment.

Denise Thorpe

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