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I gotta B!!!

Subject: I gotta B!!!
Date: Thu, 05 Sep 96 10:03:29 PST
It is, indeed, true that's it's darkest before the dawn.  Because last night at 
11pm, I rolled into my drive with a brand spanking new (for me at least) 1967 
mineral blue MGB roadster.  It's a great car that's straight, has solid sills 
and an incredible paint job. The WPO (wonderful previous owners) have taken 
remarkable care in maintaining the car, both cosmetically and mechanically. So 
aside from some worn seals and such there isn't much to be done at all. The 
serious problem is three wheel's worth of worn splines. So I plan on keeping it 
parked until my mechanic can give it a clean bill of health.  It's going to be 
hard.  I was hoping to take it to the British car meet in Palo Alto this 
weekend. But I'll drive the Volvo instead.  There's always MGs at Jack London 
Square in October.  Or the California Historic Motoring tour. Or the... 

Sorry to babble on. But if you haven't guessed, this is a lot more exciting 
buying the Volvo.

Thanks to one and all on the list who have helped me through the search with 
their advice and well wishes.

'67 Roadster (Finally)

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