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Re: The Priestess, she speak! volumes!

Subject: Re: The Priestess, she speak! volumes!
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Thu, 5 Sep 96 11:55:36 PDT
Will Zehring abused me thusly:

 > Well, for someone who claims to be the High Priestess, DT asks a couple of

 > pretty silly questions!
 > in this so-called "67" B of yours.
  - -snip- -
 >  (what a mess: does it have a 
 > Ford engine?  Cadillac seats?   ...probably (-) ground too!) 
 > Really, Denise, what do you think, those gracious men of Abingdon didn't 
 > have anything better to do than to go wandering about all day long making 
 > odd prop shafts?
You suggest adding a slider to a B drive shaft and you're accusing _me_ of 
cobbling up a B?  Look buddy, I was asking about the _correct_ driveshaft 
for this perfectly legitimate combination of parts so I _wouldn't_ be 
cobbling the thing up.  Sheesh.  I guess the honeymoon is over.  It's a 
good thing someone who _knows_ something answered my question.  Thank you 
Tony; you're my new hero.  So there, Will.

Cadillac seats... Would someone who's worried about where to put the 
overflow tube mount put Cadillac seats in a B?  For your information, Mr. 
Smarty-pants, if I didn't put the mount back in the car, I'd have to store 
it on the garage floor with the rest of the parts to the car and then I'd 
eventually stub my toe on it.  Do you want _that_?

And whoever said factory workers were gracious?  Considering how many 
different colors they painted T-type firewalls just to start fights among 
the anal among us, they sound like a pretty devious bunch of pranksters.

> Last but by no means least, glad to hear from you again.  We've missed you!  
> And ofcourse, don't hesitate to ask any other questions.  We'll be happy to 
> answer them promptly!

...and rudely!

Then Mark Jurras added insult to injury:

> Definition: DPO ... Denise (was the) Previous Owner

*sniffle*  I'm the one who took the 18V engine out of the car and replaced 
the sawed off gas lines and put in an SU fuel pump, and, and, is spending 
her evenings in front of the TV (thank goodness for educational TV!) making 
leather upholstery for the thing.  Is that a DPO?  Do I deserve that? *sniff*

Then Chet defended me (I think):

> All right you guys, the lack of air must have gotten to her,  beware falling
> objects,
> they are closer than they look!!!!

I'm not in Denver, the mile-high city, anymore, which is why you're hearing 
from me in the middle of the week.  And why I finally got around to putting 
an engine in this car.

Okay, maybe I am a DPO in the making.  I once suggested that the rarest B 
tranny had to be an early, five-main, OD tranny with a backup light switch 
because B's only had backup lights for the last half of '67.  But everyone 
who responded said that _their_ early, OD, etc., etc., tranny had a backup 
light switch so I assumed that they _all_ did.  Well, now that I've got the 
thing in the car, I realize that I hooked the backup light wires to the 
3rd/4th lockout switch and there is no backup light switch on any of my 
early OD trannies.  Two of my '67 B's have backup lights.  And I thought I 
was _so smart_ hooking the wires onto the switch with the tranny halfway in 
the car.  I've had a lot on my mind lately.  I can probably rig up a 
microswitch on a bracket and it will probably be more reliable than the 
original setup, but I'll have to pull the engine and tranny back out to do 
it.  BUT, that will give you guys lots of time to come up with the answer to 
the question, "Where does that overflow tube bracket go?"  Enquiring minds 
want to know.

Denise Thorpe, future DPO

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