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Re: The Priestess, she speak! volumes!

Subject: Re: The Priestess, she speak! volumes!
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Mon, 9 Sep 96 18:24:07 PDT
Mark "I wonder if Denise is still speaking to me after I was so mean
                 to her" Jurras replied:

Of course I'm still speaking to you.  Isn't this all in fun?

        >  Two of my '67 B's have backup lights.

        So does my '67BGT with O/D. I asked before and got no replies. How do
        you tell (by looking) if I have an early or late O/D transmission?

Just like the non-OD trannies, the early ones have a D-shaped side cover 
and the late ('68 and later) ones have a rectangular cover.  The D-shaped 
cover doesn't look like a 'D' to me, it's kind of a rectangle with two 
corners cut off, but the late one is decidedly rectangular.  Also, if you 
can stuff the tranny into first while the car is rolling without making 
expensive-sounding noises, it's a late, full-synchro tranny.

        > And I thought I 
        > was _so smart_ hooking the wires onto the switch with the tranny 
halfway in 
        > the car.

        Maybe those aren't backup lights. Maybe they are 3rd/4th gear lights.

By golly, you're right!  The way they're wired now, everyone behind me 
would always know when I was in 3rd or 4th.  If the powers that be get 
wind of this, all cars will be required to have this.

Saturday, I went to a magical place in San Diego called Industrial 
Liquidators.  It's a little bit of heaven filled with every widget and bit 
imaginable.  I got an assortment of microswitches and brackets for a total 
of $3.99.  The microswitch I'll end up using came two to a package for a 
buck and a 50 cent bracket will become two smaller brackets for two cars, 
so this setup for two cars will cost 75 cents per car.  And it looks like 
I may be able to install it with the tranny in the car if I can get the 
tunnel cover off.  I need to hunt down Mr. Snap-on and get a #3 Posi-driv 
socket.  A cheap, easy fix and an excuse to go on a Snap-on truck--does 
life get any better than this?

        > BUT, that will give you guys lots of time to come up with the answer 
        > the question, "Where does that overflow tube bracket go?"  Enquiring 
        > want to know.

        I can look on my GT and see where the overflow pipes go and where the
        brakets are if you think it would be the same as the roadster.

Please do!  I'm collecting answers and none of them match so far.  However, 
everyone agrees that it mounts somewhere on the block.  As Glenn Mapes 
pointed out, the outside of the motor mount doesn't move with the engine.  
This would explain why the front overflow tube on my daily driver is 
wearing a hole in the front air cleaner.  That car was apart for a year once 
and I didn't have any extra cars to look at at the time.  Oh no!  I _am_ a 
DPO! :-0  Luckily, I don't plan to sell that car.

Denise Thorpe, possibly in the future  
The Unix boxes are dropping like flies around here.

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