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Re: Dead battery

Subject: Re: Dead battery
Date: Mon, 2 Dec 1996 08:42:15 +0200

  Mike Robson wrote.....

  >I had the same problem last week - and numerous denizens on the list
  suggested possible causes - the concensus was >battery rather than
  >- everything from bad connections to lack of electrolyte,
  >One enormously pertinent observation was the lack of am ammeter in the car in
  >favour of the red idiot light.....
  >I had the battery tested (it was less than a year old)
  >it was knackered!!!!
  >My pal at the garage showed me an article about how modern batteries
  decay rapidly durng extended periods of >inactivity (such as winter layup
  or in my case a 7 week interior overhaul).
  >Two folk on the list suggested ways to overcome this using trickle
  chargers from Kmart - i carefully printed them in >order to pop out for
  one and , of course, one of two things has happened.
  >1) the dog has eaten it
  >2) my 8 yr old used the back to draw a pig( her favourite study) or a
  sun (rapidly ascending in poularity).......>

  >whoever tod us - please repeat it for Mr. Cianciotti (and for me, the
  pig and the sun....)


  >mike robson
  >69 roadster (first step body prep this weekend!)
  >72 roadster
  >73 BGT

  I respond....

  I've always thought that an ammeter in any car is a necessity. Can anyone
  on the list explain how to fit one to an MGB, like what to connect the
  wires to etc..?

  Thanks in advance,

  Garry Hill

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