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Subject: Re: !RUST! No LBC Content B
From: "Stuart Hazelwood" <>
Date: 2 Dec 1996 10:00:01 U
        Reply to:   RE>!RUST!  No LBC Content But Please Help Me!

There's a killer product available from the UK called DINITROL.  It was tested
by Practical Classics magazine last year (actually over a multi-year period)
by covering a plate of metal, half painted, half bare metal with a scratch
down the middle.  The plate was then left out in the elements and sprayed down
once amonth with a saline solution.  Of all the products tested, only Dinitrol
kept the metal pristine, even where the scratch was.  Moreover, you can use it
over existing rust.

You should scrape off the loose rust and coat it with Dinotrol.  To get the
stuff you might have to call the company directly in the UK (I've never seen
it here in the States, I just have my dad bring it over when he come over to
visit).  They are always advertising in Practical Classics.

If your rust is too deep, however, you'll need to cut it out and weld in new
metal.  Otherwise, your car could fall to bits, not to mention the danger it
might pose in an accident.

Good luck.

  -  Stuart

Date: 11/28/96 3:31 AM
To: Stuart Hazelwood
From: Jay Quinn
Well, my wife just bought a used  '94 Honda Accord EX model with 21K miles.

I just drove it around and really like it.  I was with her for all the cars
prospects over the last several weeks and have been there all along the
research phase of this particular car and other cars that are comparable.

Well, the one time I wasn't with her on a car looking outing, she buys it.
Got a very good deal and trade in value and all that just like the other
three attempts we made but others were not willing to go as low as we wanted.

After I drove it and parked in the garage, I took a trouble light and
crawled under the car and.......Guess what I discovered?


This car was apparently a New Jersey car.  Needless to say salt on the road
and all that.

The majority of the rust is around the backs of the wheels/suspension areas
as well as the exhaust system.

This is more than surface rust, a  shade or two past that stage in some areas.

How in the hell do I get rid of the stuff?

What Can I possible do to stop the rust problem?

Can I squirt something on it, scrub and blast it off with?

I ask here because I know guys and gals out here restore old cars that have
rust in various stages and have combated this problem.

Please help me!

Jay Quinn                             '62 Austin-Healey MKII Sprite
Systems Engineer
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Subject: !RUST!  No LBC Content But Please Help Me!
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