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Re: I'm outta here for 3 weeks!

To: Jim Boyd <>
Subject: Re: I'm outta here for 3 weeks!
From: (David Deutsch)
Date: Mon, 2 Dec 1996 01:23:55 -0800
Hello Jim,

I do not know your schedule but if it falls out that you will be in 
N.J. on Saturday the 14th give me a call. Eastern New York MGA Club is 
having a Tech session at Joe Curto's shop in Queens, NY. Joe those lots 
of british parts rebuilding but is best known for his SU carb 
rebuilding. We'll all be getting together for lunch afterwards. If your 
here(N.J.) the 8th there is a rally on Long Island. I'm not sure I'm 
going to make that but MGCC- Long Island Centre is going to have it 
with or without me. If interested let me know 516-794-9004. Jeremy said 
you showed him a good time. Safety Fast, David Deutsch

All others invited. Info # for Curto tech session is 718-891-5776 and 
talk to Jon Rubel. Rally info # 516-694-4643 and Ken Hargreaves can 
give details.      

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