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MGC Handling

Subject: MGC Handling
From: (Jack Feldman)
Date: Mon, 2 Dec 1996 08:31:26 -0600
Bob Allen wrote about the problems he is having with his "C". Bob,
if you join the C Register, you can get all sorts of information
on where to get used C parts, and how to improve your car's handling.
I've gone throught "The Best of C Notes", and a good number of C Notes,
and haven's seen many suggestions to add a rear swaybar. That
may be your problem. The first suggestion is to go for tube shocks
in the rear, and you seem to have done that. When I did my conversion
I asked several people what to set the shocks at, and got varying
answers. At present I have Spaks on the rear and front, both set
to 6 clicks. I haven't driven the car often since then, but I'll be
experimenting from there. 

There is no need for anti-tramp bars unless you are racing, or have
so much power that your car's rear end hops when you try to accelerate.
I don't know of anyone who has felt the need to add a panhard rod to
their C. 

The next change is to replace the front sway bar with a heavier one.
Moss of London sells a "handling kit" which has a 3/4" bar with harder
bushings. It also includes stiffer busings for the rear spring
shackels. The two changes, tube shocks, and stiffer roll bar made
a great difference in eliminating the roll on cornering. It does not
seem to have made much difference in the understeer. I'm investigating
changing the rack so that the lock to lock turns are reduced. BTW, information
in the "C Notes" indicate that the "B" racks won't work on a "C". The racks
are hard to get.

To join the MGC registry call or write Tom Boscarino, 34 Park Avenue,
Ashville, NC 20803-2056, 704 274-2269

"Be C ing ya"


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