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The Chicken Launcher Joke

To: Paul Hunt <>
Subject: The Chicken Launcher Joke
From: Robert Allen <>
Date: Mon, 02 Dec 1996 14:22:35 +0000
The Great Chicken Launcher Story

Short version: French heard of chicken launcher and got excited about
testing it with their Bullet Trains. They airlifted the cannon over to 
Paris, brought it out to the train yard and aimed it at a parked Bullet

They loaded the chicken and fired the cannon. They were shocked to see
the chicken go straight through the windshield, brake the seat back of
the engineer's chair, and embed itself in the control computers at the
rear of the cockpit.

U. S. Officials were aghast that such a thing could occur and asked the
French to please supply the pertinent test details and they would
carefully investigate the problem.

After the French complied and the U. S. brought together a suitable
commitee to analyze the data, the response back to the French was fairly

"Use a thawed chicken."

Bob Allen, Kansas City, '69MGC/GT

PS: As usual, the British got the story half right and got paranoid we
were making fun of them (not hard!).

Paul Hunt wrote:
> >How'd this thread get started? There was a pretty good joke about
> >the chicken launcher I heard awhile back. Has it been told here or
> >do I have to go dig it up?
> If it's the one about the British and the frozen chicken ITS NOT TRUE
> 'cos we didn't have frozen chickens then!
> PaulH
> 73 Roadster (HD&H)
> 75 V8 (DD)

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