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1978 MGB for sale

Subject: 1978 MGB for sale
From: Richard Lancaster <>
Date: Mon, 02 Dec 1996 09:54:18 -0500
I checked out a 1978 MGB convertible
Saturday in the Columbia/Ellicott City, MD
area.  It is being offered by the owner for
$700.  On the good side, he and his son had
the engine rebuilt 2 to 3 years ago, it ran
well till his son lost interest, and they
have records from the shop that rebuilt the
engine.  Standard rubber bumper model as far
as I can tell. This car is very savable, the
steering rubber boots are not holed, there
is no water on the underside of the oil cap
nor oil in the radiator.  The car passed
whatever Maryland required about 2 years

On the negative side, it needs brake work at
the wheels and a new muffler.  There is a
small dented area behind the passenger door.
 The reason I am not buying it is that the
rust under the doors has progressed into the
edge of the floor panel, inside the car near
where your feet rest.  For about a foot, the
vertical piece of the metal box there is
rusted through, and a finger went all the
way in past where the internal vertical box
piece was supposed to be, all the way to the
outside skin.  So for about a foot, there is
only the outer skin, bondoed, and the bottom
of that assembly.  Looking underneath and
from the wheel wells, no rust is visible
except for the aforementioned one foot strip
at the edge of the floor panel.  The work to
replace all the components under the door is
very possible, since the rust has not eaten
out the ends of those pieces, but is beyond
my own talents or available funds at this
time.  (Sorry if that does not fit Dave's
definition of enthusiast.)  

If you are interested, send e mail direct to
the owner at **.  His name
is Geoff Frost and he is not yet on this
list server, although I am going to send him
our address today.  And the usual
disclaimers, I have no financial interest,
yada yada yada...

Randy Lancaster
1967 MGB
1976 Chevy Impala (my new car)

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