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Re: concensus

To: Steve Krane <>
Subject: Re: concensus
From: Robert Allen <>
Date: Mon, 02 Dec 1996 09:09:52 -0600
Steve Krane wrote:
> Would like feelings about the following for a 72 mgb:
>         webers vs standard su's
>         shocks to keep that MB feeling but improve (cushion) the ride a 
>little - it's
> been 27 years since my last mg and it wouldn't hurt my back to have a slightly
> forgiving ride.

Before the purists check in, I like the DGV (downdraft) Weber. It's not a big 
boast but, when properly set up, it is very driveable. A side-draft Weber has a 
personality and will never pass idle emissions. But it's a cool racers carb 
and, after 
being set up, is very durable and the settings do not drift.

I think the rough ride may have more to do with the leaf springs in the rear 
than the 
standard lever shocks. But I have no expertise here. I do know that new leaf 
springs are 
very stiff until they bed in. If someone went to the trouble of adding a 
slippery material 
between the leaves, wouldn't that lessen the spring friction? I also wish 
someone would 
check in on results with the single plastic rear leaf I've heard about.

Bob Allen, Kansas City, '69MGC/GT (w/3 Weber 40 DCOEs)
and ex owner of '67 B/GT with Weber DGV
and ex owner of '74 Midget with old and finicky SUs
and, ah, hell with it...

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