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Front wheel bearings assembly

Subject: Front wheel bearings assembly
From: Robert Zirpolo <>
Date: Mon, 2 Dec 1996 15:19:27 -0500
I hate to have to post this again but I received no replies the first time
so maybe now some of you will feel sorry for me and respond with a proper

 I'm in the home stretch of rebuilding the front brake system; new rotors,
calipers, pads, wire wheel hubs, brake line hoses and wheel bearings (have I
forgot anything?).  The information I need to know  is about putting it all
back together.  When I disassembled everything there were three shims on the
left side wheel bearings and two on the right.  Do I need to reinstall these
shims with new wheel bearings?  What is their purpose?  I understand from
the service manual about the 4/ 1000ths play in the bearings so they don't
bind (I have a dial gauge at my disposal but there must be a formula for
perfoming the task without it).  So  far I have been able to install the
bearings on one side with the shims that were removed from the old bearings
but I'm not sure exactly how free the rotor should turn after the bearing
retaining nut is torqued to the proper setting of 40-75 ft lbs.  The dial
gauge helps a bit but before I have that warm fuzzy feeling to install the
cotter pin and close it up I'd like to  hear from someone (ANYONE!!) who has
done this before.  Again any  advice will be greatly appreciated.  

Buoyant Regards,

Robert Zirpolo

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