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Re: MG's for offspring

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Subject: Re: MG's for offspring
From: "Kai Radicke" <>
Date: Sun, 1 Dec 1996 13:53:29 -0500
Maybe I should have waited for my parents to buy (give) me a car when I
turn 16.  I paid 900 for my MGB and I am 15.  Oh, someone had posted their
kids are into Porsches, well in my list of cars they are there too.  (skip
the list if you want to here more of the MG's for Offspring chat)

My List of Cars:
1.  MGA (no matter what year)
2.  Porsche 959
3.  Porsche 911
4.  1959 Messerschmitt Tiger
5.  BMW Isetta
6.  1996 Pontiac Firebird w/WS6 Option Package (Ram-Air)
7.  BMW 507
8.  1962 Austin-Healey 3000
9.  1970-74 TR6
10.  1965-67 TR4A (had a 67, dad made me sell it)
11.  Mini Cooper
12.  Aston Martinn DB7
13.  Aston Martin DB5
14.  1969 VW Karmann-Ghia
15.  1968 MGC
16.  1959 Lotus Elite
17.  1958-60 Austin-Healey Sprite (Bugeye-Frogeye)
18.  1974 1/2 MGB GT
19.  1959 MGA Twin-Cam
20.  1972 MGB
21.  MGB LE
22.  1968-80 MGB with Buick 215 or Rover Aluminum V8
23.  Ferrari 355 Berlinetta
24.  Ferrari 550 Marenello
25.  1996 Land Rover

Cars are not in any sort of order, just the way I had their pictures filed
away in my Computer.

I guess I like sports cars as it seams only about 4 of the cars listed fit
more than 2 people.  And I guess looking at this list I don't like American
cars either.  

And I am proof that once you have the "bug" you can't get rid of it.  I
even have a Land-Rover Screen-saver on my PC.  And it is a real delight
when I come home after a 3 day vacation and I have 270 messages.  My
parents are the ones who don't show much interest in LBCs, but my Mom (45)
does want a AH Bugeye and my Dad (50)even considered getting one for her. 
My brother(12) is not an LBC guy either, he is more of the "Bigger is
better and my engine is 500 ci" kinda crowd.  And my sister (10) shows
absolutly no interest in cars of any sort.

My brother has considered buying a MGB shell, and then painting it Purple
and dropping a 215 in it and adding two 16 inch speakers in the trunk and
then do'in up the interior with junk outta his "h*tr*d" magazines.  This is
not what an MGB was intended for.  And any MGB that is like this should be
driven straight to hell.  

Other than that the only family member who has an interest in LBCs is my
Uncle (50), he even has a few LBCs that are on my list.  His daughters
don't show much interest.  1st (25) drives a Honda, 2nd (21) drives a GMC
Jimmy but does enjoy driving the TR4, and the 3rd (17) drives "Dads Aurora
or Moms Yukon" and has no interest in LBCs what-so-ever, and her boy-friend
is just a NERD with no interest in any thing that has more that 2 moving


Kai M. Radicke --
1966 MGB --

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