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RE: Carlisle :-) / invite/ MG 97

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Subject: RE: Carlisle :-) / invite/ MG 97
From: (David Deutsch)
Date: Mon, 2 Dec 1996 14:36:26 -0800
Carlisle, May 9th - 11th, is the MOTHER of all swap meets. It's also a 
show. There are hundreds of vendors and although it is for all import 
and replica (kit cars) it seemed as though 50% is british. Lots of cars 
(at least 50) for sale as well as parts. We took my friends Subaru 
wagon late year because we were shopping and filled the car with parts. 
No racing, rally or auto-cross
I live on Long Island, Carlisle is 300 miles from me and the show in 
Iowa,  Aug 23rd and 24th, is 1000 miles from me and is auto cross 
Saturday and Car show Sunday. I'd like to hook up with a few cars along 
the way. 

I hope you are signed up for MG 97 in Buffalo, N.Y.. July 10 - 13, if 
not call tonight to make room reservations. Buffalo Marriot is the host 
hotel and all the stuff including banquet, auction, venders and start 
of rallies and such will be from there. 1-800-228-9290, the room rate 
is $76 per night when you mention North American MGB Register and 
Buffalo Octagon Association. If you need Pre-reg pack E-mail and request one. But do not wait to reserve your room. 
Safety Fast, David Deutsch  

You wrote: 
>Okay, you've peaked my interest. =20
>       In reference to the Iowa thingy:  Where exactly are you from?  If 
a =
>caravan of some sort (I can get the parts with $, but not the 
knowledge) =
>could be arranged, it's a possibility.  How far is "not far"? =20
>       RE:  Carlisle:  This I may have to plan on.  I found last year 
that if =
>I didn't plan on attending this sort of thing early, I didn't go.  
Such =
>it is with most folks, I guess.  BTW:  Shocked and amazed that you 
rode =
>in a Subaru!  Why no MG? =20
>       One more thing:  Granted, Carlisle is a wonderful event, but what 
>execute does it entail?  Is it an all-import show, or just British 
cars? =
> Is there a rally/autox/racing event involved?  Just curious...
>Thanks again,

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