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RE: PAECO - info

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Subject: RE: PAECO - info
From: Randy Rees <>
Date: Mon, 2 Dec 1996 15:48:34 -0800
All the Autocrossers and racers I know have had bad luck with them and
have heard nothing but bad things about their machine work. How they are
still in business after all these years is a mystery.

>From:  Brinkmann, Gerry[]
>Sent:  Monday, December 02, 1996 6:25 AM
>To:    'The MG List'
>Subject:       PAECO - info
>Dave Houser writes :
>> They are called Paeco Import Parts(Hey Barney, you must know 
>> these guys) and they're located in Birmingham, AL. I got an earlier 
>> catalog a while back, I recall, but looking at the latest(oddly 
>> carrying a 1995 date at the top), I was amazed at the ways to spend 
>> money on my MG. 
>I have dealt with these jokes and would not even dream of wasting my time and
>money with them again. About 5 years ago. on three separate occasions, I
>ordered some "go-faster" goodies for the Midget. When the parts arrived, none
>of the parts actually fitted the car/engine I tried to return the parts
>(unsuccessfully). The parts are still in a box in my garage, I wasted about
>$250 on these guys. 
>My advice - DONT DO IT

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