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Re: Checking tranny oil - trapped fingers

Subject: Re: Checking tranny oil - trapped fingers
From: (Paul D Kile)
Date: 02 Dec 96 15:43:36 PST
One very important point to note when checking 1963-1974 MGB trans 
oil (the ones with the dipstick).  When you reach in to grab the 
metal loop of the dipstick with your index finger, it is VERY EASY to 
get your finger caught in the loop.  Because of the tight quarters 
you are working in, the only way to get your finger free is to remove 
the dipstick (which is what you are trying to do, right?).  Well, if 
the O-rings on the dipstick are stuck in the tranny, you have just 
become an integral part of your MGB, hanging out the door with your 
finger trapped for eternity.

The solution is to reach in and grab the dipstick handle with a pair 
of long nose pliers, or some sort of hooked probe, rather than your 
finger.  Before you reinsert the dipstick, tie a loop of leather 
bootlace to the handle.  Next time, you can reach in and pull the 
lace up through the hole, and use it to pull out the dipstick.

Note to Paul H - I bet you must think that I spend all my time 
getting various parts of my anatomy stuck in my LBCs, well, I told 
you it was a slightly masochistic hobby!

Cheers, PK

Paul D. Kile

(916) 355-5162
GenCorp Aerojet
POB 13222
Dept 5784 Building 20019
Sacramento, California 95813-6000

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