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Re: Rotor pos. on an MGB

Subject: Re: Rotor pos. on an MGB
From: (Chad Cooper)
Date: Mon, 2 Dec 96 21:06:30 -0600 (CST)
>Brinkmann, Gerry wrote:
>> Somebody asked about the correct rotor position for an MGB.
>> Strictly speaking there should not be a "correct" rotor position and that
>> is why the Haynes manual does not describe it. The rotor can be in one on
>> several positions depending on how the distributor was inserted into the
>> engine.
>> The distributor has a drive cog at the bottom which meshes with the
>> camshaft. I think there are about 8 teeth on the cog, so theoretically
>> the distributor can be inserted with the rotor pointing in 8 different
>> positions.
>I have to disagree with you - at least as a global statement.  My '77 B 
>has a drive dog on the distributor that prevents it from being installed 
>any way except for one.  It is a double keyed affair, where one key is 
>sized larger than the other.  This does nothing to ensure that the 
>stator is positioned correctly relative to the rotor, but there is only 
>one way to connect the rotor to the drive.  What the story is on earlier 
>years on MGB - that I can't address.
>Chris Delling
The gear Gerry is speaking of is at the end of the shaft that you are
speaking of.  The double keyed piece you mentioned is the top side of this
shaft the other end is driven by the cam, and it can in fact be inserted in
AT LEAST eight different positons.  Then the distributor mates to this shaft
in only one position.

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