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Re: concensus

Subject: Re: concensus
From: "Jeff and Stash Blackwood" <>
Date: 3 Dec 1996 03:27:40 -0000
>Would like feelings about the following for a 72 mgb:
>webers vs standard su's
>shocks to keep that MB feeling but improve (cushion) the ride a little - it's 
>been 27 years since my last mg and it wouldn't hurt my back to have a slightly

>forgiving ride.
>Both of the above are for normal local and highway driving.
>Any input would help
>From everything I've heard, the original SUs are superior to putting a Weber on
the car. They can be tuned to work almost as well as a Weber, and more
importantly, they are more reliable and durable and will need to be tuned less

I'm used to driving trucks, so I don't mind the comparatively far smoother ride
of my MGB. Don't have any suggestions/opinions there, but some may recommend
checking into the Monroe shock conversion. Or is that for more sport tuning?

But, I'm an originality freak, anyway. I prefer restoring my cars to the way
they were designed. I'm breaking away from that, though, on my 58 Magnette. The
air filter is bolted under the carbs and is a complete pain in the a**.

Best of luck, and congrats on getting back into MGs and finding this list!

67 B
58 Magnette (new toy)

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