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Re: Brendan's motor cars. Sth Aust. Australia

Subject: Re: Brendan's motor cars. Sth Aust. Australia
From: (Scotty)
Date: Tue, 3 Dec 1996 22:02:46 +1030
On 3 Dec 1996 17:48:56 EDT Scott wrote-
>I wonder if anyone out there has purchased a car from Brendan's motor
>cars which is located in Elizabeth South Australia.  I have seen various
>ads for this company in a few magazines.  I will be in Adelaide early
>`97 and may pay a visit.   It would be really great if anyone can give
>me any feedback on this company.  What I really want is a r/b roadster
>as long as it's straight and rust free and and has good mechanics i want
>it.  Mid `97 I should have enough $$$$, about 15k for the right car.
>Any info on parts repair outlets would be great.
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Hi Scott,
         another source for a car in Adelaide would be Bob Bazzica on
Torrens Road, Ridleyton. I'd have a look there, as well as checking out
the cars at Brendan's. Both are straight shooters, I deal with Bob 'cos
he is close to home 7 klicks, [I have been dealing with Bob for better 
than 20 years] Elizabeth is 17 klicks [for a trip out there you'd need 
a ration pack and water bag! ;-) ] guess I'm a city slicker at heart.

E-Mail me direct for more info if you need it.


Adelaide. Australia. [sister city to Austin. Texas.] 

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