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Re: Squealing Pads.

To: Dwade Clay Reinsch <>
Subject: Re: Squealing Pads.
From: Robert Allen <>
Date: Tue, 03 Dec 1996 06:03:19 -0600
Are the "wife's wheels" not an LBC? Then go read the f*****g manual!

Otherwise welcome to the "improved" brake pads after asbestos was outlawed.
Perhaps you can't quiet the whine from the car if you go buy a tube of 
goop. Then pop the calipers back off and smear the goop on the back (the metal 
side) of the new brake pads. Reassemble. Pray.

To help with "no pressure" stops, use handbrake and flash headlights.

Send wife over to DRDED's house for the weekend. She'll come back relatively 
grateful and shouldn't squeal for quite awhile.

Bob Allen, Kansas City, '69MGC/GT

Dwade Clay Reinsch wrote:
> I'd look in the shop manuel for the answer to this, but why put a damper
> on the firestorm already raging down at David's gas station?
> I've put new metalic brake pads and turned the rotors on the wife's
> wheels and I'm getting a lot of squeal on light brake pressure.  Firmer
> pressure stops the sound and the car.  No pressure stops the sound but
> car continues in an onward direction of travel.
> Any suggestions to quiet the brakes?
> Wife will quieten as brakes quieten.

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