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MG For Sale

Subject: MG For Sale
From: Dan Hughes <>
Date: Tue, 03 Dec 1996 09:26:42 -0500
Hey Gang!

This weekend I looked at a 71 MGB for sale in Mt. Airey, Md (about half-hour
east of Frederick, MD.)  The car is very restorable, the interior is crappy,
the exterior is not too bad (except for white flames, which scratch off with
little effort) there is no big rust, but there is bondo and some previous
repair.  The top will keep you dry, but needs to be replaced. The car has been
up on blocks, outside for about a year. The engine is unreal,  it's the
quietest MG engine I've heard in a while.  The guy is asking $800, but I had
him down to 600, and you could probable talk him down more.  I would've bought
it myself, but I'm looking for a GT.  If you're interested, E-Mail me and I'll
give you the guy's number.  I have no financial interest in the car, just like
to see it "saved".

80 MGB

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