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Re: Best way to change tranny & axle oil?

Subject: Re: Best way to change tranny & axle oil?
From: "A. B. Bonds" <>
Date: 03 Dec 1996 09:00:50 -0600
In <>, wrote:
>In a message dated 96-12-02 17:02:40 EST, (Jason F.
>Dutt) writes:
><< I'm glad you said this! Is this true for the axle as well? I was told
>regular 90w gear oil is appropriate for both these applications.    Should I
>use the same Castrol GTX 20w50 that I use in the motor in these?
>  >>
>Hmmmmmmmm, I've been using 80-90w gearbox oil in my transmission and rear end
>for the last nine years in my '73 MGB everyday driver. Are we saying motor
>oil is the recommended lubrication?
OK, guys and gals, one more time.  These questions can be answered if
you have an owner's manual and a shop manual.  They are the
authoritative source to issues like "what lube to use" or "how many
ways can I insert a distributor drive gear" or "how do I adjust front
end bearing lash". If you have been shying away from getting these
documents because you don't think you'll understand them, that is what
the collective we (SOL) are here for, to answer informed questions.
If you haven't committed these references to memory, you will be at 
the mercy of the import auto shop trolls, some good, some bad, many

While there might be newer, trick ways of doing things rest assured
that the practices and procedures in the shop manual will at least
work and not destroy your car, and many of the more modern nostrums
will not necessarily Change Your Life.

So I want ALL of you who are doing your own maintenance to PROMISE to
get these manuals.  They are together in one volume from Bentley (sold
my many vendors) for about $40.  Read them, then ask questions.

The answer to the inquiry above is you may use either 90w or motor oil
in the tranny.  The MG Car Company recommended motor oil.  For about a
year they also endorsed 90 weight gear lube, but then withdrew that
recommendation for unspecified reasons.  NEVER use motor oil in the
rear end!!!!!  Without the EP (extreme pressure) additives present
in 90W gear lube it will chew itself up very quickly.

                        Grumpy ol' Uncle A. B.

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