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RE: Best way to become informed?

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Subject: RE: Best way to become informed?
From: Randy Rees <>
Date: Tue, 3 Dec 1996 12:25:54 -0800
Thanks, point taken. Just didn't want anybody to become gun shy, and
afraid to ask a question in the future. Besides some of us don't bring
our shop manuals to work to look up questions when we suddenly remember
they need answering. :) 

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>Sent:  Tuesday, December 03, 1996 10:54 AM
>Subject:       RE: Best way to become informed?
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>Randy Rees wrote:
>>I don't believe that is fair to the users of this list. We all know that
>>errors can be made in the manual as well as most of the manuals for the
>>MGB are ancient. I believe Mr. Twist has always swore by 20W50 in the
>>tranny ( excuse me if this is wrong, but  this is just an example. ), I
>>think John has seen more broken MG's through his shop than Abingdon or
>>Hayes ever have . I believe experience is the key to this list and
>>referring every question to "the Manual " would be a great injustice.
>I'm gonna call you on that one, podnah.
>The official MG shop manual specifies engine oil for the tranny.  This
>isn't worth arguing about.  Where I am going to pick some nits is to
>challenge you to find any fact or procedure that you can find in the
>official MG shop manual that has been proven inadvisable.  Just
>because it's old doesn't mean that it's broken.
>My point is that much of the recent traffic on the net could have been
>answered by reading the manual.  As an educator, I don't believe that
>it is an "injustice" to expect people to try to inform themselves as
>completely as possible.  I have seen all sorts of nonsensical advice
>on the net, and have given up trying to present opposing arguments.
>The point here is that the collective wisdom of the net is usually
>wrong more often than the manual is.
>               A. B. "Boy, are we being pedantic today" Bonds

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