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RE: Best way to become informed?

To: "'A. B. Bonds'" <>
Subject: RE: Best way to become informed?
From: "Jason F. Dutt" <>
Date: Tue, 3 Dec 1996 16:26:17 -0500
        Please don't do this!  Those of us who are ignorant, or otherwise =
misinformed about proper procedures, etc. truly need advice/assistance =
from those who know.  It seems as though you may be one who knows more =
than the average lister...
        Granted, some of our questions can be aggravating, especially when the =
answers are found in nearly any shop manual you can buy, but sometimes =
we just don't currently have the right books/sources that give accurate =
information consistently.  It seems that one can get lost from book to =
book.  As they can conflict on various subjects, you have to wonder =
which is right, or if they both are, or if, God forbid, neither of them =



From:   A. B. Bonds[]
Sent:   Tuesday, December 03, 1996 1:54 PM
Subject:        RE: Best way to become informed?

.  I have seen all sorts of nonsensical advice
on the net, and have given up trying to present opposing arguments.
The point here is that the collective wisdom of the net is usually
wrong more often than the manual is.

                A. B. "Boy, are we being pedantic today" Bonds

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