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Re: looking for used parts

Subject: Re: looking for used parts
From: Robert J Donahue <>
Date: Wed, 04 Dec 1996 12:46:09 -0500
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  From:     rmason @
  Date:     12/03/96 09:11:20 PM CST
  Subject:  looking for used parts


  <Hello all-
  <I want to add the rear seat from a BGT to my roadster and am looking for
  the following used parts:
  <BGT rear seats in reasonably good condition (with hardware)
  <Old style "tinker toy" top frame with header rail
  <Rich Mason
  <1973 MGB

  Does the BGT have a back seat or not? I've never really had
  a good look at one. Maybe a back seat is in the eye of the

  Bob Donahue, Still Stuck in the '50s
  53 MG-TD, under DIY restoration
  71 MGB, still in the shop, 12 months and counting


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