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RE: Squealing Pads.

To: mgs <>
Subject: RE: Squealing Pads.
Date: Wed, 04 Dec 1996 09:57:00 -0800 (PST)
Brake squealing is usually the result of the metal brake pad backing rubbing 
against the caliper piston. Usually the person that did the brakes forgot to 
put the shims back in. These are paper thin pieces of metal that slip 
between the pad backing and the piston. If your brakes were designed without 
shims you can coat the mating surfaces with a special anti brake squeal 
silicon sealant available at any auto place. The shims, if you have them, 
can be glued to the pads with this same anti squeal sealant.

Chris Reichle
From: mgs-owner
To: mgs
Subject: Squealing Pads.
Date: Tuesday,December 03,1996 5:17PM

I'd look in the shop manuel for the answer to this, but why put a damper
on the firestorm already raging down at David's gas station?

I've put new metalic brake pads and turned the rotors on the wife's
wheels and I'm getting a lot of squeal on light brake pressure.  Firmer
pressure stops the sound and the car.  No pressure stops the sound but
car continues in an onward direction of travel.

Any suggestions to quiet the brakes?

Wife will quieten as brakes quieten.



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