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RE: MGB Overdrive/Driveshaft

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Subject: RE: MGB Overdrive/Driveshaft
From: Randy Rees <>
Date: Wed, 4 Dec 1996 11:36:35 -0800
there was a limited availability option that was supposed to drop you
out of OD when you put your foot to the floor.
>Kearman wrote:
>>I assume the vacuum switch made the o/d switch out when you got on the
>>throttle, and let the o/d kick back in when you let off the throttle, like
>>"passing gear" on a automatic transmission. This seems like a "good thing."
>>wonder why it wasn't used in the later cars?

>Sorry mate - wrong on both your assumption and your guess!  The 
>vacuum switch inhibited shifting out of overdrive under high manifold 
>vacumm conditions, i.e., you have taken your foot off the throttle, 
>coming down from relatively high rpm.  

I believe you already have the correct switch. just need to connect up
the overdrive wires. All wiring harnesses were wired for the OD.

>>Also need the column-mounted combination wiper-O/D stalk.

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