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RE: MGB Overdrive/Driveshaft

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Subject: RE: MGB Overdrive/Driveshaft
Date: Wed, 4 Dec 1996 15:51:49 EST

Are you quite sure about that?  My workshop manual, that covers both 
types of overdrives certainly doesn't say anything about such an 
option and the wiring diagram of the vacuum switch shows that its 
function was very limited - as I earlier mentioned.  Can you clarify 
where/how/when this option was available?  


From:          Randy Rees <>
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Subject:       RE: MGB Overdrive/Driveshaft
Date:          Wed, 4 Dec 1996 11:36:35 -0800

there was a limited availability option that was supposed to drop you
out of OD when you put your foot to the floor.
>Kearman wrote:
>>I assume the vacuum switch made the o/d switch out when you got on the
>>throttle, and let the o/d kick back in when you let off the throttle, like
>>"passing gear" on a automatic transmission. This seems like a "good thing."
>>wonder why it wasn't used in the later cars?

>Sorry mate - wrong on both your assumption and your guess!  The 
>vacuum switch inhibited shifting out of overdrive under high manifold 
>vacumm conditions, i.e., you have taken your foot off the throttle, 
>coming down from relatively high rpm.  

I believe you already have the correct switch. just need to connect up
the overdrive wires. All wiring harnesses were wired for the OD.

>>Also need the column-mounted combination wiper-O/D stalk.

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