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Re: MGs and Porsches (final thoughts)

To: Kai Radicke <>
Subject: Re: MGs and Porsches (final thoughts)
From: ckr <>
Date: Wed, 04 Dec 1996 17:51:59 -0500
Kai Radicke wrote:
> Now, seriously I would love to hear what other MG owners think I should
> drive as a second car while my MG is outtta commision.
> Safety Fastest,
> Kai M. Radicke --
> 1966 MGB --
> Yes I know "Safety Fastest" sounds stupid but I got tired of hearing
> 'Safety Faster' or 'Safety Fast'.
> Good Day (Cheers is over used also)


If you've got that much money to spend, why not just get an MG that 
works while you fix yours that doesn't? Something like a nice 78 or 79 
driver that isn't broken, not too rusty, and maybe has a decent hood?

On the other hand, you could pick up a nice TR250 or TR6 for that, in 
good working order. A couple of extra cylinders couldn't hurt.

Or, you could be reasonably sensible and get yourself a nice Rabbit or 
Scirocco ... and fix the B for when you want to be cool. You'd be 
surprised just how much git up and go a 1800cc Rabbit has ... mine will 
smoke my B off the line (though it doesn't handle nearly as well). 
Having a dry head and heat every so often is comforting.

Or, for that money, pick up a used 5.0 litre Mustang. Yeah, it's 
American, I hear you cry. Believe it or not, Americans have actually 
made a few good cars over the years. Not that I particularly care for 
that one, but high school girls love it, and it does go fast.

Or, get a Jeep CJ-7. A totally different kind of girl likes those a lot, 
and it's a pretty practical car, all 'round. Yeah, I know. American 

On the other hand, you'd be amazed at just how fast you can go (in a 
straight line) in a 1972 Oldsmobile Delta 88. I'd put it up against any 
4-beater any day, with a 455 V-8 4bbl. Lots and lots of room in the back 
seat, too. Trust me. :)

Or, if you're not interested in reasonability or a dry head, try a 
Harley Sportster. Seats 2, goes fast, handles nicely, and boy, does it 
rate a 10 on the cool list.

I'd stay away from the 240Z's; I had one, and they're almost as much 
trouble (I mean, ah, fun to fix) as an lbc. You're talking about another 
project car, there.

Slan go foil!
(how's that for an underused sign-off?)

75 MGB 'Rags'

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