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Re: MGs and Porsches (final thoughts)

To: "Kai Radicke" <>
Subject: Re: MGs and Porsches (final thoughts)
From: (Syl's Sydney Homestay)
Date: Fri, 6 Dec 1996 01:25:01 +1100 (EST)
Kai writes:

>So I think the MG list should help me
>come up with a list of cars that would be suitable for me.

I drive and recommend as a second fun car a Jensen Healey. All your
criteria would be satisfied. My daughter drives a mini-moke in which none
of your criteria are satisfied - but it's a lot of fun to drive too.

        Year model      1974
        Compression     8.4:1
        Power           140 bhp at 6500 rpm
        Torque at 5000 rpm
        Max speed       120 mph
        Acceleration    0-60mph in 7.5 seconds - Standing quarter 16 seconds

        Cost            well within your budget of $7,500


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