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HS-6 manifold

Subject: HS-6 manifold
Date: Thu, 5 Dec 1996 15:30:43 -0500
Got a '73 B that is in the process of being put back together after an
extended restoration project (amazing how a minor one month cosmetic fix-up
can turn into a 3 year - and many, many dollar - project!) and I'm looking at
giving the beast a bit more power. I have a Weber on my other 'B, and it runs
great, but it lacks in 'feel'. 

What I'm thinking about doing is upgrading the head and putting on a pair of
HS-6s. As I understand it, this should increase the hp without the dreaded
surprise at the emissions check. I've been told that the cheapest way to do
this is tp go to a parts yard with lots of Volvos, get a couple of old SUs
off the poor dead Swedes and fit them to a MG HS-6 manifold. The only place
I've seen HS-6 manifolds is together with the carbs. Does anybody know of a
place to get just the manifold? Any idea how much they run? Also, if anyone
knows of any flaws in my plan here PLEASE let me know - my drain is already
clogged with money, I don't need to add anymore!

Scott Clarke

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