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Re: HS-6 manifold

Subject: Re: HS-6 manifold
From: "Jerry Causey" <>
Date: Thu, 5 Dec 1996 21:26:30 +0800
I've heard that if you enlarge the inlets, you can just use your HS-4 
manifold, though only a couple of the 4 bolt holes on the HS-6s match 
up. I bought a JanSpeed manifold from Seven Enterprises in '92 for  
US$215. part #SIE0361. I also rebuilt the ex-Volvo SUs and replaced 
the needles with SY, no part #,  and used blue springs, part 
#AUC4587. I was never able to find the proper throttle linkage, and 
had to cobble one up from my HS-4 linkage and other odd bits. I 
bridged between the carbs with a piece of aluminum (my spell checker 
keeps insisting this is spelled 'aluminium' for some reason) angle (held by a 
screw on each carb top), and fed my choke cable from the top through 
a hole in the angle to my old choke linkage, discarding the brace 
used with the HS-4s. You will also need to fabricate a new heat 
shield. I used an aluminum cookie sheet with most of an old ('70s) Honda 
Civic heat shield cut to fit and pop riveted to the engine side. 
Filters are readily available, but be sure to use K&N stub stacks 
inside, or you will loose most of the 4 or 5 HP you gain from the 
bigger carbs. If you smooth your combustion chambers and do even a 
little bit of port matching the difference will be quite noticeable.

Jerry Causey

> I've been told that the cheapest way to do
> this is tp go to a parts yard with lots of Volvos, get a couple of old SUs
> off the poor dead Swedes and fit them to a MG HS-6 manifold. The only place
> I've seen HS-6 manifolds is together with the carbs. Does anybody know of a
> place to get just the manifold? Any idea how much they run? Also, if anyone
> knows of any flaws in my plan here PLEASE let me know - my drain is already
> clogged with money, I don't need to add anymore!
> Scott Clarke

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