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Towing an MGA

Subject: Towing an MGA
From: Richard Lancaster <>
Date: Fri, 06 Dec 1996 11:53:37 -0500
I had a custom tow bar welded up in about
1968 to tow my MGA (hardtop!) from Oklahoma
to New York, behind a Volvo 144.  Worked
fine, the guy just took off the bumper and
made the tow to fit across the front and
bolt to the bumper bolts protruding out. 
Handled well, no bending of bolts, bumper
went back on fine.  Now verrrrry sorry that
I sold it when I went to Germany, but that
a long time ago.  Good luck...
Randy Lancaster
1967 MGB
1976 Impala (my new car)

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