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Re: I'm outta here for three weeks

Subject: Re: I'm outta here for three weeks
From: David Councill <>
Date: Fri, 6 Dec 1996 09:48:18 -0700 (MST)
In a message dated 96-12-02 00:58:00 EST, (Jim Boyd)

<< I'm outta here for 3 weeks! .....

 ..... I'm not unsubscribing  >>     

Last August, I was going to send one of these. But what I thought would 
be five days turned out to be almost four months. I got too busy to keep 
up with my email. Now I'm on the digest so I'm a little late keeping up 
with the day to day banter. Hopefully I'll be back in the daily things on 
the list again although the volume of messages seems to be up quite a bit.

Besides being busy, I was separated from my 71BGT for the past six weeks 
(I was working on a temporary job in Wyoming) but my BGT has now returned 
to the Montana roads again. Bob Nogeira came looking for me a few weeks 
ago wondering where I disappeared to so I made an effort to get back to 
the list again.

So I'm back and hopefully will get the meassges live rather than digest 
shortly. So maybe I'll be posting again with some tech tips or just some 
basic MG adventures.

Besides, its winter now so I tend to stay indoors more.

David Councill

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