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Monroe shocks

Subject: Monroe shocks
From: pbailey <>
Date: Fri, 06 Dec 1996 20:11:37 -0800
Hi All:

I got my shocks on yesterday and they seem to work just fine They(Novus)
sent me the wrong shocks for my 79"B" they were too short so I called
them and they hadn't sold shocks for a later "B"as yet, the problem it
seems is getting shocks that are short enough for early Bs thats why you
have to reverse the bottom spring bracket but luckily you don't have to
to that on the later ones anyway i had to go down to Orange CO so I
stopped by and picked up the right shocks and looked around the
shop.They rebuild lever shocks for$51 each and they also sell a
conversion kit to put a Datsun Z 5 speed on a "B" that he claimed you
didn't have to cut the tranny hump,it sounds interesting but costs
around $700 not including the trans.The shocks ride a little stiffer
than the stock ones and seems to hold the corners better and I don't
have to check the oil!!The installation was straight forward at least on
the 79simple bolt on I put some locktite on the bolts..I'll let you know
how they stand up..Pat

2911 A South Main 
Santa Ana CA

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