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Re: Monroe shocks

Subject: Re: Monroe shocks
From: pbailey <>
Date: Sat, 07 Dec 1996 07:25:53 -0800
Hi Chris:
I'm glad the manifold will work OK.I haven't seen the article BUT I
thought the kit they gave me looked awful simple.All it is it a long
bolt and spacer on top which goes in the front stock shock hole and a
bolt on the bottom,the bottom bolt is called a "special" boltas it has a
rounded end with flat spots for using a wrench.I did mention the Moss
kit to him and he said they didn't think the fancy bracket was
necessary.He also stated the bolts are aircraft grade so I think some
one could put together his own kit but you have to find the right shocks
especially for early "B"s at only $60 for the kit I don't think he is
ripping anybody off and it is probably worth the price just for the

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