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Re: You (me) whimp

To: "David Deutsch" <>
Subject: Re: You (me) whimp
From: "Kai Radicke" <>
Date: Sat, 7 Dec 1996 10:12:20 -0500
Phuck you :-) So, you want to hear about the latest on my MGB.  

Well, first my Mom told me to clean out my room and get all of the "junk"
out of there.  That pissed me off.  So now I have to carry all that shit
out to my shed, where I should have put it in the first place.  Second, I
ripped my 130 dollar car cover.  Third, my Hardrive Died, so I made a quick
trip to the local Computer store and I forgot they didn't open til 10:00. 
Forth,  I am in a bad mood (and I shouldn't be using this kind of
language).  I am running my email program off a damn Zipdrive.  And it is a
good thing I did a back-up yesterday when Dan flooded my email box.

At the height of my anger yestarday I even considered forwarding all of
Dan's messages back to him.  This would have pissed him off.

I also decided not to become a lurker, because David says it is too dirty.


Kai M. Radicke --
1966 MGB --

> From: David Deutsch <>
> To: Kai  Radicke <>
> Cc:
> Subject: You whimp 
> Date: Saturday, December 07, 1996 9:38 AM
> Hello Kai,
> Going underground, are you? That's right act your age. You've made your 
> apology and all is done, time to wipe slate clean and start fresh. you 
> want to lurk with all the slimmy low lifes in the MG list's sewers then 
> go ahead but I'd much rather hear about your steps toward getting that 
> 66 B a little closer to being on the road even if that will be 3 years 
> from now. I think most would agree. 
> This morning I went to start my 66 and it would not kick over, cranked 
> but would not start. After a minute or so of this I remembered I need 
> to pull out choke. Pulled choke and vroom. I got to drive a little more 
> often just to keep memory fresh. Safety Fast, David Deutsch   

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