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Good laugh

Subject: Good laugh
From: Jack Baker <>
Date: Sat, 07 Dec 1996 08:15:38 -0800
Hi Dan
Thanks for the fun you caused, any of us could have done the same thing. I
really did break up a couple of times while reading the comments.
It reminds me of a time I tried to photo copy a picture of a boss I was not
very fond of. I was not to familiar with the new machine and like the
sorcerer's apprentice, a monster was created. I got the thing stopped at
about 145 copies, but I had trouble getting my own maniacal laughter
stopped. That face kept popping out and out and out. Of course I was
employed by the Government at the time
Jack Baker
75 MGB
85 300 ZX T
 from Oak Bay in
Beautiful B.C. Canada

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