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Re: Thumbs-up to Triple C Motor Accessories

Subject: Re: Thumbs-up to Triple C Motor Accessories
From: Paul Hunt <>
Date: Sat, 07 Dec 96 16:12:28 GMT
>... The bad news though is that I purchased a wooden knock off 
>wrench for my eared wheel knock-offs.  The wrench has a great design 
>in that it slips over the ears and you whack it rather than your new 
>chrome.  The bad news though is that it's made out of multi-layer 
>plywood of about an inch and a half thick.  After one use it became 
>apparent that it wasn't going to take much use before delamination 
>occurred.  If this could be designed with a hard rubber covering it 
>would be great. ...

When I fitted chrome wires and two-eared spinners I bought the lead 
hammer that everyone else seemed to advertise.  I wasn't very keen to 
use it since the head seemed very hard, and sure enough, the first 
tentative whack left a mark on the spinner.  I carried on using it 
for a couple of years but always with a piece of wood to protect the 
spinners, as the wood got splintered I just chucked it and used 
another piece.

Then I spotted a 'Thor' hammer in Halfords which had a nylon handle 
and a steel head with an aluminium insert in the one side and a nylon 
one in the other.  Not another mark on the spinners in four years.

73 Roadster (HD&H)
75 V8 (DD)

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